HPS provides a full-service centralized credentialing service to efficiently process, manage and track all credentialing paperwork and supporting documentation for the medical practice.

Managed care credentialing adds a tremendous workload to a medical practice. This time-consuming task also requires dedicated attention and skill to administer and track effectively.  Medical practices lacking full-time credentialing specialists often experience costly delays, wasted time and negative impact on profits and productivity.

HPS completes all credentialing paperwork related to both managed care participation and facility appointments.  The HPS Credentialing Solution completes and manages:
  • Initial provider applications
  • Re-credentialing applications
  • Provider profiles
  • Provider updates
  • Facility appointment applications
  • Re-appointment applications
  • Medicare applications
  • License updates and renewals
  • W-9s
  • Confidential information reports
The HPS credentialing solution ensures timely submission of all applications. Status reports of application progress are provided and HPS tracks all CME records and license renewal dates. The only tasks left for Clients are to review and sign.