I have been working with HPS Solutions since they helped me open my practice in 2005. They are professional, reliable, and always go the extra yard. I owe much of the success of my practice and business to the dependability of HPS Solutions.
HPS Solutions has managed the group and physician credentialing process for us from day one. It is a pleasure to work with knowledgeable consultants who are also easily accessible. Knowing that we can rely on their expert advice has provided us with a great deal of peace of mind and allowed us to focus on running the practice.
HPS Solutions was instrumental in the establishment of our new clinic. They handled the physician and mid-level credentialing and contracting process with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise and continue to meet our re-credentialing needs. I highly recommend them to anyone who is starting a practice or seeking to improve current operations.
HPS Solutions was the single most important selection we made in setting up and establishing our clinic. Their guidance and expertise have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and establishing a successful practice. We utilized their services for credentialing, licensing, accreditation, front and back-office setup. They are a wealth of information and truly are ‘the first call I make when I need some direction on what should be done. I would recommend them to anyone who is starting a practice or wanting to improve an existing one.
HPS Solutions helped to organize our ever-expanding group of physicians and establish a management team critical in maintaining our day-to-day operations.
I have nothing but praise for HPS Solutions. During the seven years, they have helped our practice; I continue to be amazed with their professionalism, sincerity, and systematic approach to problem solving. I have recommended them to several practices and they have enjoyed the same wonderful experience.
HPS Solutions has handled the physician credentialing process for the new Midwestern University Clinic with the highest degree of professionalism. Their extensive knowledge of the insurance industry is stellar. We have been very pleased with their expertise and services on behalf of our physicians.
The specialists at HPS Solutions bring many years of experience and expertise to help the client in all aspects of their practice. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable, approaching each job with common sense and holding the client’s best interest at heart. I have worked successfully with the team for a number of years and can recommend them without reservation.
HPS Solutions helped me build my new practice from the ground up. Now I have a successful practice with two partners and we are very profitable. The professionals at HPS demonstrate high professionalism and dedication to their clients. They take the anxiety out of any business process with their attention to detail, task completion, and timeliness. I highly recommend any practice to use their services.
I can personally attest to the professionalism and high business standards exhibited by HPS Solutions. Without them, our practice would not exist. They handled all details of setting up the practice and were instrumental in introducing us to other necessary professionals vital to our success.
When we initially set up our office HPS Solutions was instrumental in every decision along the way, from setting up employee manuals and operating procedures to the enormous task of choosing which insurance plans to contract with and credentialing. One of HPS greatest strengths is their collective wisdom; their experience with billing, developing realistic proformas, HR guidance, HIPAA, and legal requirements. HPS Solutions was the resource that we could go to with every question. Even though we are four years into our practice, we continue to have ongoing questions and HPS is often our first and only call to get answers. Our practice has exceeded every expectation and we owe a lot of that success to HPS Solutions.
As a business and health care attorney, I truly appreciate the professionalism and work product of HPS Solutions. HPS consultants take the appropriate time and care to consider all aspects of their clients’ businesses and offer sound advice as it relates to the health care market that awaits them.
We feel so fortunate to have been able to work with HPS Solutions. HPS services have been invaluable to us in the areas of staffing, benchmarking and insurance contracting. What a wonderful benefit for a small practice to be able to use the experience of HPS, as we would never be able to afford such a tenacious practice administrator full time.

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