Today’s healthcare environment is continually evolving.  The new environment is being impacted by several challenges related to new governmental regulations, next-generation payment models, delivery system transformation, interoperability requirements, privacy and security, and rising costs. These are just a few trends that are challenging the efficiency and survival of many healthcare organizations.

The HPS Solution

HPS Solutions provides consulting services to support all types of healthcare organizations, from physician practices to ancillary providers to health systems.  Our consulting services address these new challenges and the unique management complexities of each type of organization and are designed to ensure optimal performance for each organization. Successful healthcare organization management requires a business approach to strategy, planning, and implementation.  HPS Solutions offers an extensive menu of proven services to set a course for achieving specific financial and operational goals.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning — PS Solutions will facilitate the organization’s strategic planning process to identify both short and long-term organizational goals. Subsequently, business plan development results in the identification of strategies to accomplish the organizational goals. Successful healthcare management requires a business approach to strategy, planning, and implementation.
  • Financial and Operational Analysis — HPS Solutions provides financial and operational analysis and subsequent support to optimize our clients’ organizations. We offer an extensive menu of proven services to set a course for achieving specific financial and operational goals. These services include:
  • Financial Analysis — Assessing financial statements and conducting budget analysis of existing operations to provide detailed assessment/feasibility studies on facility or practice expansions.
  • Productivity Enhancements — Identifying initiatives to enhance productivity via customized plans and tools. Enhancements may include clinical flow, staffing needs, front desk operations, patient throughput, and facility and space planning.
  • Group Formation and Compensation — Determining the appropriate organizational structure, physician integration model, and compensation packages.
  • Policies & Procedures — Creating or updating organizational policies and procedures to reinforce efficient and consistent operational performance.
  • Revenue Cycle Performance Improvement — HPS Solutions identifies and facilitates the implementation of strategies to improve the collection of receivables from patients and third-party payers. Creating efficiencies throughout the organization can have a major impact on cost and productivity. Areas that most often benefit from performance improvement include:
    • Accounts Receivable — Determining and implementing improvements in the revenue cycle, streamlining patient payment systems, and addressing account delinquencies.
    • Medical Records — Reviewing the documentation and coding to ensure optimal billing and compliance.
    • Fee Schedule Development — Establishing industry-standard and specialty-specific fee schedules.
  • Information Technology Assessment and Implementation — HPS Solutions provides analysis and implementation support for electronic practice management (EPM) and electronic health records (EHR) technology. Technology can prove to be a physician’s best friend when it aligns with other patient care systems and improves operational efficiencies without disrupting the patient flow. HPS Solutions facilitates the selection and implementation of management and patient care technology by:
    • Pre-Implementation Analysis — Analyzing existing processes and operations to make certain that the IT system enhances rather than disrupts patient care.
    • EHR/EPM Vendor Selection — Providing a personalized search to determine the right vendor match for the organization.
    • EHR/EPM Implementation — Assisting the organization in the design and implementation of new Electronic Health Records and Electronic Practice Management system implementation.
  • Human Resources Planning and Recruitment — HPS Solutions provides full-service recruiting for the healthcare organization’s key staff positions. Each organization has unique needs and HPS Solutions meets those needs by gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s organization prior to recruiting. We assist our clients in identifying, vetting, and recruiting qualified candidates for their organization and then in negotiating salary and benefits packages with prospective candidates. With over 20 years of experience in recruitment for many specialties including primary care and both medical and surgical subspecialties, our services include:
    • Management Recruiting
    • Compensation & Benefits Planning and Development
    • Performance Management
    • Workforce Planning
    • Job Description Development
    • Employee Appraisal and Evaluation System Design
    • Employee Training and Development
    • Management Training