Healthcare is one of the most complex industries, requiring both business management and medical knowledge. As administrative and general staff members are often asked to take on a wide range of responsibilities, the enhancement of employee skills is an essential component of organizational success.

The HPS Solution

HPS Solutions creates custom-tailored training for all team members, from office managers and administrators to office specialists.

Once we assess job responsibilities and identify specific training to meet those responsibilities, an HPS Solutions consultant will develop a customized training plan designed to enable team members to meet and exceed the requirements of their individual roles in the organization. The training will be provided through on-site sessions or remote sessions depending on the preferences of the client.

Among our most requested training topics are:

  • Understanding and managing the revenue cycle
  • Managing and benchmarking the financial performance of the organization using key performance indicators
  • Understanding the payer contracting process and reviewing agreements
  • Developing an effective employee performance management system
  • Analyzing and improving patient flow to increase patient satisfaction and organizational efficiency
  • Developing and implementing organizational quality initiatives to improve patient outcomes

HPS Solutions keeps key staff members abreast of the changes in the evolving healthcare environment by providing regular follow-up as well as welcoming questions to us as they arise.

Medical Management Training

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