Medical facility licensing is governed by complex federal and state regulations. Specific licensure requirements vary depending on whether the facility will be requesting Medicare certification or state licensure. Medical facility accreditation includes these regulatory requirements and requires the additional unique standards of each accrediting body.

Successful medical facility licensure and accreditation requires the organizational staff to have a clear understanding of these requirements, accurate and timely submission of the application, development, and implementation of facility operating standards, and significant facility on-site preparation.

The HPS Solution

HPS Solutions has guided our clients towards successful licensure and accreditation over the past 20 years.  HPS Solutions clients include Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Cardiac Cath Labs, Office-Based Labs, Outpatient Treatment Centers, and Urgent Care Centers.

HPS Solutions develops an organization-specific project plan to identify each task necessary to meet the licensure and accreditation requirements.  HPS Solutions consultants will facilitate the project and partner with organization staff to ensure that all requirements are effectively accomplished up to and during the on-site survey process. The HPS Facility Licensure and Accreditation Solution includes:

  • Federal, state, and accreditation body requirement identification
  • Operating policy and procedure development and implementation
  • Medical staff rules and regulations development
  • Equipment procurement
  • Application completion and submission
  • Staff training
  • Facility survey preparation
  • Provider primary source verification and privileging